“Hairy” Lifehacks on How to Find the Best Partner by the Haircut

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Looking a partner in life is a challenge. It takes longer than many want to wait, but we all want a person with whom we feel chemistry. And it should be someone beautiful! And that’s why this article was made. It’s for any reader, who wants to become more successful in building their lives with other people. We hope that the information that you will receive from this article will help you in moving this way and to help people around you in becoming better.

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Say, you browse the pictures on a dating site and find the attractive singles worth meeting. However, you want to be drawn to them. A haircut is one of the defining features of a man that can create a look or ruin it!

So, here’s what you do: choose pictures of several dudes with preferred hairstyles and use the dating app to get to know them. As you build up a conversation with each person, there’s time to see if there is chemistry to build on.

Haircut checklist or the criteria to look for.

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To find a match based on his haircut, there are different ways to approach it. First, consider if his photos are recent and are his usual look. Second, consider if you would like him if he changed it. Third, see how the online chat goes to determine when to meet and explore a personality match. Then, consider these lifehacks, or what each style tells you about him:

  • Man Bun. This style is essentially a long ponytail wrapped around a man’s head. It looks like he arranges his hair that way by chance, but it’s neat and intentionally styled. Some say it’s kinda hipster, but, instead, think of it as a man who is going for a particular look. You must be okay with long hair, a little unconventional, and a younger vibe.
  • Crew cut. This military-style haircut is not only for future soldiers. To meet a guy who is careful about his appearance, try it. You won’t mind if he keeps it even when he gets older, grayer, and loses his hair.
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  • Some guys grow their lookout, especially naturally wavy or curly hair. They can manage it without extra styling. They end up looking a tad hippyish. It’s convenient if you want a guy who plays in a band or likes heavy metal concerts.
  • Long, curly mop. Some men don’t want to tame their mane with products, so they let it grow curly. Others love it when other guys or girls run their hands through it because they are impressed by the unusual texture. This guy might not like to cut his hair often. If you are lucky, you find a man who washes and conditions his hair often and brushes it at least twice a day, which leaves it very soft.
  • This style channels the seventies, but it remains timeless. It’s not for people of any specific background, but he must tease tight curls to pull it off.
  • This style may connote rebelliousness, but it remains popular among young boys in the 21st century. Therefore, you want a guy like this if you dig his scalp showing on both sides. It is hard to grow out, which leaves only shaving his head.
  • Frosted tips. A guy with a short or medium length haircut can get tips of a lighter or darker color to change his overall vibe. It requires regular haircuts and color treatments, which says he cares very much about his appearance. This is only a turnoff to women who want manly men who would never consider dying their hair.
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  • Some men get a full-volume hair layer cut deliberately on the top. When they blow dry it, they apply enough product so that this layer will stand up all day. There might be a slight wave to the hair as if to make it appear windblown.
  • Clean-shaven or bald. This style suggests that a man is secure with how his face and skull look without hair as a distraction. It is common for men who are balding or have a significantly receding hairline to pick this option. It is maintained daily, which means a man is well-groomed if he keeps it.
  • The barber cuts the man’s hair close around the sides and back and leaves a longer, shaggier look on top. It takes time to grow this lookout, which can be inconvenient. This style was popular 100 years ago, but it keeps making a comeback.

The live experience of sing these lifehacks

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What if you could tell much about a potential mate based on his looks? Every guy selects photos to upload to the dating site. Honestly, the support manager and a user of beyondcharter.com were two of the first ten people to notice that the lifehacks described above really work.

The support manager is an attractive 30-year-old woman who had been unsuccessfully using apps for three years. Then, she started approaching her matches based on his preferred hairstyle, which is based on his posted photos. She found she loved several guys with a long, curly mop. The fact that their hair did not fit any particular trend somehow touched a few strings in her soul. Guys with this look were more free-spirited, generally like a drummer she dated in high school. When she met the fourth guy in this hair category, they hit it off. They discovered two mutual loves: Bruce Springsteen and collecting vinyl records. They are still dating six months later and planning a vacation together to Barbados!

All these lifehacks can be wrong sometimes because every guy is more than a picture, and his case is individual. However, the discovery you might like a guy based on his hairstyle has helped many users. They can reflect on his personality type and whether they would match with such an individual. That being said, you need a personality match as well as a love of his hairstyle!