How the Color of your Hair Affects your Life?


How much does the color of your hair impact the other portions of your life? It might seem like an odd question, but the truth is that the impression that your hair gives can completely change the way that people interact with you. We’re going to examine how having unique options can impact everyday parts of your life along with the way that having wild colors can impact your romantic lifestyle. With this information in mind, you’ll make more informed choices about the style and color of your hair.

Impact on the general parts of your life


There are two specific ways of looking at the way that your hair color impacts your life: a general take, and a look at romantic relationships. In terms of the former, there are many ways that hair color can impact the general parts of your life. For one thing, certain hair colors are considered more attractive than others both as an individual and within society. It should be no small wonder that women with dark are generally thought of as the most attractive. 

Brown and black hair routinely make up half of all the favored colors among men and women that are attracted to women. Blonde and gray options each receive about 20 percent of the vote after that, and then red has about 8 percent, and then minor colors follow that. 


Those favored colors are almost the same for men, too, according to recent studies on dating services. Thus, what can we learn about the general impact of your color? For one thing, it’s more likely to help you land a job. People that have outlandish or rare colors are less likely to get a job in the corporate business world and many others. The unfortunate thing is that companies want people that blend in, not stand out. What can help someone stand out more than having magenta hair? That’s why it is beneficial, though not necessarily moral, to have a hair color that suits the nature of the business that you’re involved in. However, you should remember the fact that this doesn’t hold true for all aspects of life. Some people will hire you based on your skills or your ability to stand out from the crowd. After all, there are plenty of trade jobs that don’t require a suit and tie that allow people to have some variety in their hair. 

Color is also used to create a perception of your personality, too. These are general stereotypes, but you can see them in everything from films to friendships. For example, blonde women are viewed as flirty, fun, and naïve. Dark-haired women are serious and smart while redheads are looked at as passionate and strong. These perceptions are so deeply rooted in our society that we see them every day without realizing it.  Much of these personal interactions are rooted in some kind of attraction, too, so you can see the role that your perception, starting with your hair, plays in various aspects of life. 

Influence on building relationships


Another interesting thing to consider about the color of your hair is the influence that it has upon finding a romantic partner. While it can be hard for people to admit their preference for people, we decided to go directly to the source and find out what people thought about certain colors. Several members of made began interviewing other users aiming to find out if they care about the color while they look for a partner.

These interviews looked at the preference in color, the attraction they had, and whether they would date someone based on the color of their hair relative to another because of social standards. As some people might imagine, the results have a cultural element that the interviews could not quantify. Suffice it to say that some people don’t have an outright preference for someone that has black if they are from a country with people that have fair hair. More than anything, the average person wants a partner that is able to blend in. 

Based on the results of the interviews, the website was able to discover some very interesting information about the role that hair color plays in attraction. For starters, the site discovered that the overall preference for hair color was in the following order:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Blue/Green
  • Other

This information, along with other elements of the interview, led to specific discoveries including the following:

  1. People have a higher tendency for dating someone that has a hair color that doesn’t attract attention or unwanted stereotypes. 
  2. Users were more willing to date someone that has a hair color common to their culture
  3. A small number of users prefer to date people that have atypical colors owing to their preference for the counterculture
  4. Many people said they would look for overall compatibility first in a relationship, but admitted that option was a very effective 
  5. The way it was cut was a secondary trait that was seen as very important for people no matter their hair color
  6. Color is not likely to be a disqualifier for a relationship; other elements matter, too. 

All in all, your hair can have a tremendous impact on the way that people perceive you as a potential romantic partner. These findings from the interviews are interesting, but they could also be expanded upon in future studies to look at the way that they interact with haircuts and culture. 

When looking at the differences in hair color and how the way people react to them, it’s important to remember that changing your color is a choice that should not be made lightly. It’s vital to take into consideration the way that people view you based on that first bit of interaction they have by viewing it. If you want to attract a partner, then you are better off going for a darker one on average. However, lighter colors and unnatural colors can be just as attractive if you are dating people that are certain types of people. As long as you understand the links between your color and subsequent lifestyle, you’ll be fine!