Grooming Tips For Men – How to Shave Your Head


Are you planning to shave your head? Well, it’s considered a hairstyle too, so here we will discuss a few tips on how you can shave your head.

Avoid using a disposable razor since they wear out very easily. You may use a good electric head shaver which is the best option since it is designed specifically for shaving the scalp, or you may also use a Gillette hand razor. Electric head shavers are safer to use as compared to a manual razor. You can check out some of the best head shavers here.


The bald style has become a fashion and it looks really good on some guys. Usually, men who experience hair fall and have a receding hairline make a decision to completely shave the head.

The number one reason why most men shave their heads is to hide the baldness. The shaved head looks great on men, however, it is not quite much popular with women, but you must have seen some women who look perfect even with a shaved scalp.


Some people consider head-shaving quite liberating. This might be a bit difficult to admit until you do it yourself. I believe that everyone must shave the head at least once since it really feels great.

If you are a bit confused on how you will look after you shave your head and the number one reason why you want to shave is to look a bit different and want to try a new bold look, you must understand the shape of your head in order to minimize the chances of any surprises.

It’s been observed that a head that is round in shape is the best fit for a nice bald style look. The shape of the face is not that important if you are planning to shave your scalp. All men of any age can shave the head. You can still go for a head shave even if you don’t have that perfectly round shape of your head. You will gradually be going to get comfortable with the natural shape of your skull.

If you have a scalp full of hair then you must first trim it with a trimmer before using a head shaver to shave your scalp.


It’s a lot easier to shave your scalp after taking a bath and the reason is that the hair and the scalp both are wet and you will require less shaving cream as well. The latest electric head shavers are waterproof you may safely use them in the shower.

Electric shavers that are specifically designed to shave the scalp are safer as compared to a manual razor. If you’re planning to shave over a sink, wet your hair and scalp with water or use a hot towel to wrap your head for few minutes and then start shaving your scalp.

In order to avoid razor burn on the scalp, you must avoid shaving the same area over and over again. You may go for long strokes if you have short hair. Go for smaller strokes if your hair is long.

If you’re using a manual razor, begin shaving the toughest part of your scalp where the hairs are thick and then shave the lighter areas of your scalp. You must go slow when you’re shaving your scalp because if you rush you may end up getting nicks and cuts which can be painful.

If you’re new at shaving your head, you will need a mirror but once you become an expert in shaving your scalp with an electric head shaver you can easily do it without a mirror as well.

You can use your fingers to identify the areas of the scalp that are missed and shave it gently. Once you are fully sure that you have shaved your scalp completely and no areas of your scalp are left to shave, you may wash your head and dry it off.


After you shave your head, you might feel a bit different since the scalp is sensitive and you must avoid going out in the sun right after shaving your head. The best way to protect your scalp from the sun is to wear a cap whenever you go out in the sun.

If you can go out bald in the crowd without any hesitation and if you are comfortable with your bald look instead of hiding the inevitable, then it proves that you are comfortable with your body and you are absolutely fine with how you look.

Bald guys seem to be more organized and neat, women prefer to be with someone who is more organized and clean. Therefore, instead of staying with those bald patches, it is best to fully shave your head and get things under control.

Last but not least a bald guy looks more mature and complete. Instead of trying a new hairstyle every month or two in order to hide those bald areas on your scalp, you may shave your head without any regrets since women prefer and love those men more who take control of their lives.

If you are shaving your head for the first time, then you must use an electric head shaver instead of a manual razor for safety purposes. You can easily buy an electric head shaver online. Always read reviews before you choose to buy ahead shaver and compare their features so that you may select the right brand of a head shaver.