16+ Best Mid Fade Haircuts 2023

itsclipperovercomb modern fade hairstyle messy spikes fade shadow

The fade haircuts have become popular all over the world. There are three main types of fade haircuts, which generally include low fade haircuts, mid fade haircuts, and long fade haircuts. But in this article, we will discuss mid fade haircut, which becomes trends around the world. In this post, you will get a variety of looks with all types of mid fade haircuts, such as Taper Fade, a Low Mid Fade, Mid Drop Fade, and others, and step by step how to apply these haircuts. Two things of barber must check before haircutting.


  • Does your barber have the experience to handle your haircut? Always select a barber who has to manage your selected hairstyle.
  • Some haircuts require special equipment. It is vital to ask if your barber has the right equipment to do the job or not.

1 Textured Spikes + Mid Fade Side Part

javi_thebarber_ high textured highlighted spikes fade mid skin
Source: Insta/Javier Chacon Perez

Textured Spikes or Mid Fade Side Part is a famous haircut in the new generation that looks stylish and attractive. We can easily make this type of hairstyle by asking your barber you want textured spikes or mid-fade side means you want your sides shaved down to the skin. The mid-fade side is a beautiful haircut that looks good on young men. We can easily make changes in the mid-fade side according to your mood.

2 Taper Fade + Wavy Stylish Hair

ryancullenhair long hair style messy hair with side part mid fade new
Source: Insta/RYAN CULLEN

Taper Fade or Wavy Stylish haircuts work well with long hairs, including thick, thin, and wavy hair. We can design this haircut with long hair cut on their backs and sides short with a mid bald fade. The taper fade or stylish wavy match perfectly with the long top hairstyles. We can easily get these types of mid fade haircuts by following these simple steps.

3 Man Bun + Hard Part Mid-Fade Haircut

criztofferson bald fade skin mid fade man bun long hair
Source: Insta/Criztofferson

Man Bun and Hard Part Mid-Fade Haircut is a complicated hairstyle that takes a lot of time for its completion. We get this hairstyle if we have long hairs. Barber uses a sharp blade for side fades and different types of equipment for sideline or tattoo. They are considered attractive and new style haircut which blended with line design and tattoo.

4 Military Hairstyle + Low Mid Fade

patty_cuts Mid Taper Fade high fade short spiky haircut
Source: Insta/Pat Regan

Military officers are well behaved and disciplined men. The military haircuts are also very famous in young boys. There is a massive number of military officers hairstyles. But low, the mid fade military haircut is trendy nowadays. A sharp blade is used for a mid fade on both two sides. There is a simple method used in which makes the lower side mid fade. The mid fade drops down from the top of the head to the neck. We can easily maintain and take care of our military haircuts.

5 Mid Drop Fade + Hard Razor Cut Style

barbeiros.de.sucesso mid drop fade razor line on comb part teen boy haircut
Source: Insta/Barbeiro Cortes

The drop fade haircut is a change in classic fade haircuts in which we make some changes; this change makes our hairstyle marvelous. This fade also presents and falls behind the ear; this reason is called drop fade haircut. This haircut is straightforward and neat, which makes us more beautiful. Some people also use hard razor cuts in the middle of his hairs, which also gives a new look, which is called hard razor haircuts. But there is no significant difference between drop fade or hard razor haircuts. Our barber can quickly put this hard razor cuts with a sharp blade on the right side of fade or where you ask.

6 Buzz Short Cut + Mid Taper Fade

ambarberia buzz cut short hair with low fade mid haircut
Source: Insta/Antonio Mateo

The small hairs are on top of a mid taper fade haircut while it fades down the sides and back. A mid taper fade haircut is the most significant, classical style haircuts in this world. It looks more beautiful due to its classic and clean style. There is no need for time for their maintenance. We need just 3inches of hairs for buzz Short Cut. Barber makes our hairs mid faded from both sides from top to bottom and add two cuts on the right side with blade. The fade becomes low from top to bottom of our hairs.

7 High Fade + Drop Mid Fade Back

patty_cuts perfect mid fade back high finished fade haircut
Source: Insta/Pat Regan

High Fade and Drop Mid Fade Back is the best combination of fade haircuts. You can use both high and mid fade haircuts at the same time. The drop mid fade includes an excellent fade on the sides and back. Due to high fade, your barber starts fading from top of the backside to bottom, and this fade drops downward to your head. This is a simple method of getting High Fade and Drop Mid Fade Back haircut.

8 Bald Skin Fade + Comb Over Pomp

ppreshaw furry comb over side mid fade short pomp
Source: Insta/Paul Preshaw
Bald Skin Fade and Comb Over Pomp is a perfect and neat haircut which is also preferred some Hollywood actors. We can easily use this haircut if we have long or short hairs. We can also choose fade according to our interset, such as low, mid, and high fades. Barber starts fading from top of the head to the back of the ears. Now it depends on us which type of fading we choose or ask our barber. This is also a classic or perfect hairstyle for short beard boys.

9 Spiky Highlighted Quiff + Side Part Designed

ryancullenhair quiff spikes mid fade haircut side razor cuts
Source: Insta/RYAN CULLEN

Spiky Highlighted Quiff and Side Part Designed is a new hairstyle for those boys who love spiky and fade. Every age of boys uses spiky hair, which is a very famous haircut in recent years. In spiky highlighted quiff, the sides of hair make fade and add side parts designed with a sharp blade, which gives our hair a new look.

10 Curly High Top Fade + Low Fade + Line Up

wizzydabarber low mid fade with afro style line up new fade haircut
Source: Insta/Wizzy Da Barber

Curly high top fade is the best hairstyle for those boys who don’t know how to manage our curly haircut. In Curly high top fade, we also include low fade and used a sharp blade for making a line around the fade. High top fade was also a beautiful hairstyle when he met with curly hairs and gave us a fantastic look.

11 Teen Boy Hairstyle + Short Fade Haircut

javi_thebarber_ teen boy haircuts taper fade mid skin
Source: Insta/Javier Chacon Perez

There are lots of hairstyles available for teenage boys, but teen boy hairstyle and short fade haircut gives a new look. It is a clean and straightforward hairstyle; we do not need any proper maintenance for this haircut. The teen boy hairstyle’s primary method is that the hair on top becomes bigger and falls on the behinds. The hair on the top of the head is designed, and the hair on the back is short fade.

12 High Fade + Mid Fade Haircut + Hard Part

haircutsboyz mid fade high comb line part low mid fade
Source: Insta/HaircutsBoyz

This mid fade haircut with a high fade or hard part is also famous in some countries. The fade is add on the backside of your head, and high fades use for the sides of the head. The upper part of the hairs makes it hard for this reason; this is called the hard part. The mid fade haircut with the hard part gives a stylish and fashionable look.

13 Fade Haircut Designed + Back Haircut

barbeiros.de.sucesso high bald fade back designed mid haircut
Source: Insta/Barbeiro Cortes

A fade haircut designed is the unique and different hairstyle. In this hairstyle, barber set the fade according to us. It depends on us, which type of fade haircuts we liked. This low fade look cools when designed is placed on the backside of the head. The design on the backside gives a clean and attractive look, especially when looking at this hairstyle from the back.

14 Vintage Men Hairstyle + Fade Hair + Shaved

michaelmartinthebarber Brushed Up Hair long pomp side part haircut mid fade
Source: Insta/Michael Martin

If you are young and looking for a change, the vintage men hairstyle + fade Hair + shaved is fabulous. This hairstyle is perfect if you have long hair or you like shave or fade haircuts. Barber chooses a comb to make your hair straight line on the head, and normally mid fade is selected for both sides. Shaved of the face is a perfect combination of these types of haircuts. You can easily maintain such kind of hairstyles.

15 Drop Fade + Skin Fade

rpb_nq short curly hair high taper mid fade skin with curly beard
Source: Insta/RPB

Drop fade and skin fade is one of the unique hairstyles which is also used in classic movies. Almost all barbers will be able to do such kind of hairstyles easily. We ask our barber to make our sides and the part between the beard fade. It is a simple method to get drop fade haircuts. The Drop fade and skin fade haircut are the best eye-catching hairstyles for boys.

16 Quiff Hairstyle + Low vs High Fade

criztofferson high skin mid fade bald side part haircut god tattoo on head
Source: Insta/Criztofferson

The quiff hairstyle has become one of the most fashionable haircuts for men in recent years. In the quiff hairstyle, the sides become faded. We can select fades according to our personality, whether we like low fades or high fades. It would be the right hairstyle for boys, who love both quiff and fades. On the right side of the head, the barber makes a cross sign with a sharp blade, which gives us a new look.

These are some best mid fade haircuts, must try your favorite hairstyle, and also tell us in comments which is your ideal haircut. Must share these beautiful haircuts with your best friends or family. See you soon!