Anderson Cooper Haircuts – Hairstyles of Popular American Journalist


Get back to the style of the old guys, the Most popular American journalist, everyone’s favorite and still good looking guy. The Great Anderson Cooper, the most handsome American Journalist and the primary anchor of the CNN news. We have got so many requests to add hairstyles of Anderson Cooper, American Icon. According to his look, his hairstyles are also important, if you’re a fan of Anderson Cooper, you should try Anderson Cooper Haircut. Let’s try some hairstyles from this list.


We have added few hairstyles images of Anderson Copper with names of the haircut if you are going to change your look like him, show this list to your barber. Get the Short Haircut like him and also try Calvin Harris Haircut and Macklemore Hairstyles.

1 Short Buzz Cut + Spiky Hard

anderson cooper new haircut
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Style this Anderson Cooper hairstyle with your short buzz hair, and get the same hairstyle like that. You just need some good products of set short hair held.

2 Short Comb Side Curved

anderson cooper haircut
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Curve your hair like this with Anderson Cooper Haircut and style a new haircut, if you have medium length hair. You wanna style your hairstyle like this, try this awesome stylish haircut.

3 Short Length Curved Comb

anderson cooper haircut from side
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Make a Curved and Puffy Comb like Anderson Copper with your silky hair, complete it with side part mid fade haircut.

4 High Bald Fade Side Haircut

anderson cooper haircut how to
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Best Fade Haircut for the best guy, Cooper Anderson Haircut, try the best short haircut with fade haircuts.

5 Business Man Hairstyle Look

how to get the anderson cooper haircut
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Style your look like a businessman, try this Anderson Hairstyle and get this look with his New Hairstyle.

6 Side Part Fade Haircuts

what kind of haircut does anderson cooper have
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In the time of the modern world, change the hairstyle like Anderson Copper Hairstyle, make Modern Hairstyle with fade haircuts.

7 Anderson Cooper Haircut

how to get anderson cooper haircut yourself
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The Great Icon of America, Anderson Cooper. These hairstyles will help you to style some new hairstyles and try to look like Anderson.

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