How to Care for Thick Hair?


Having thick hair is a blessing and desirable. People will stare at your voluminous locks and envy every inch of your mane. People view thick hair as the ideal type of hair to have.

What they don’t understand is the struggles that come with caring, maintaining, and styling. More hair means more work.

Despite the tons of options for creating versatile hairstyles, you enjoy the voluminous hair; managing it can be a big headache.

The disadvantage with thick hair is the tendency to get frizzy often, and sometimes the hair is too much, and you don’t know what to do.

Don’t forget all the time you need to style all that hair! If the upkeep of your thick hair is troubling you, you can have your thick hair looking fly with a few pro-care tips.

How to Care for Thick Hair: Guide Here


With proper care, you can manage your thick hair effortlessly. Here are some of the tips to follow:

Choose the Right Products for Your Thick Hair


The care for your thick hair starts with the products you use. Since thick hair tends to be frizzy and coarse, choose a shampoo and conditioner that will detangle, smooth, and soften your hair.

If your thick hair is unmanageable, use hair products that keep the hair hydrated to keep it frizz-free. The thicker the hair, the more moisture it requires to stay hydrated and to tame frizz.

Opt for a nourishing shampoo and conditioner that will not strip your natural hair’s moisture. Also, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners because sulfate tends to dry out your hair. Also, avoid washing your thick hair every day as it can deplete your natural oils.

When choosing products for your thick hair, go for those formulated with natural ingredients over artificial ingredients. If you use shampoos and conditioners made with harsh chemicals, they can strip your hair off its natural moisture and oils. This will make thick hair dry and brittle, which will make it very difficult to manage.

Go for hair care products with a higher percentage of natural and nourishing ingredients that will work to smooth, soften, and leave your thick hair looking healthy.

If your thick hair tends to be coarse and rough, incorporate it into your weekly hair care routine. It helps your hair to retain moisture which makes it less prone to dryness. You can also use a moisturizing hair mask that leaves your hair silkier, shinier, and healthy-looking.

Choose the Right Hair Tools


Using the wrong hair tools can contribute to having a hard time styling and taming your thick hair. The right hair tools will make the process of maintaining your voluminous hair effortless.

The right hair tools for thick hair include:


With thick hair, your next struggle after washing your hair is drying it. While air-drying is the best option to dry any hair, it can take hours to hair-dry thick hair. If you don’t have the time and patience to wait for your thick hair to dry, you only need a powerful hairdryer.

With a suitable hairdryer, you will cut down on the drying time. The right dryer for thick hair should protect your hair from excessive heating that can damage your hair. It should also be lightweight so that your arms will not get tired quickly. Use the dryer on a medium to low heat as excess heat can damage and make your hair brittle.


Select a flat iron that will help to straighten thick hair easier, which you can do if you Check the list. This is a flat iron with larger plates as it covers more coverage, and you will use less time straightening your hair. The right place size also means only a few passes are required to get your hair straight. This reduces possible hair damage.

Choose a flat iron with ceramic tourmaline material. It straightens your voluminous hair using less heat and leaves your hair silky smooth with less frizz. Thicker hair will also need more heat to straighten it, unlike fine hair.

It is recommended to go with the best remington flat irons that comes with high heat settings that are adjustable to set the best heat setting. Check out here for more info. Remember to apply a heat protectant before you start straightening your hair to prevent heat damage.


Thick hair is prone to knots and tangles. You need the right brush that will easily detangle and keep your hair knots-free. The best brush for thick hair should have widely spaced teeth with nylon bristles. They penetrate deep into your dense strands and easily glides through your hair without pulling it.

Apply Hair Serum Daily


When thick hair becomes dry, it is prone to tangling and frizzing. To avoid this, apply hair serum daily to moisturize your strands and make them easy to manage. Hair serum infuses your hair with oil which helps it to trap moisture.

A little hair serum goes a long way and has a powerful effect. Only apply a pea-sized amount on your hands and rub it to your hair. To prevent your hair from looking too greasy, don’t apply the serum to the hair roots.

Create a Weightless Texture

Your hair is already thick, and adding more texture will only make it hard to manage. You, therefore, need to avoid using products that have volumizers as they will add more bulk. Any hair gel or mousses that make your hair fluffier should be avoided at all costs.

Trim Your Hair


Thick hair can appear lifeless if it is full of split ends. The best thing is to trim your hair strands after every 6-8 weeks. This will keep your voluminous hair in good shape.


While having thick hair will earn you lots of praise, only you know the struggle you have while maintaining your voluminous hair in a healthy look. Thick hair is prone to frizz, tangles, and becoming dry. Apply these pro tips, and you will have an easy time taking care of your beautiful thick hair. With the right hair products and tools, you can be a proud thick hair owner.