How to Choose your First Pair of Hairdressing Scissors


One of the hairstylist’s main tools when it comes to working on their client’s hair is the pair of hairdressing scissors that they use. Choosing this tool carefully is of the essence, as purchasing a pair of hairdressing scissors randomly, would just result in mistakes while carrying out the job. This could further lead to client dissatisfaction and eventually losing clients.

One good quality of a good pair of hairdressing scissors are made with high-quality stainless steel with a perfectly sharp cutting edge to give the client the perfect chop.

The quality of the pair of hairdressing scissors is more often than not reflected in the price tag that it comes along with. Though the tool may be costly, it is important to ensure that the selection of the tool lasts long term and is not something that will only last short term.

Below are mentioned a few tips on how a first-time hairstylist or purchaser of a pair of hairdressing scissors can choose their first pair with minimal risk involved.

Looking into the quality of the parts


The quality of the parts of the hairdressing scissor can be explained further by looking into whether the handle fits perfectly and comfortably in the hands of the hairstylist.

Another parameter to be looked into is the length of the scissors. This depends on the size of the hand of the hairstylist. One way of determining if the scissor is meant for your hand is by comparing the size of your middle finger with the size of the blade of the scissors. The palm on the other hand must be compared with the length of the scissors.

The quality of steel that comprises the various parts of the scissor also is important to look into.

The steel used must be ATS314, 440C, VG10, or Damascus steel amalgamated with cobalt which is known to bring durability and hardness to the scissors.

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Educate oneself on the types of scissors and when they are to be used


The type of haircut highly depends on the type of hairdressing scissor used. Cutting scissors and wide-tooth thinning scissors are two types of scissors that are commonly used while providing a client with a haircut.

Furthermore, cutting scissors come with two types of blades – a convex blade and a bevel-edged blade. The bevel-edged blade is known to provide an easier cut while the convex blade is known to guarantee better precision while cutting.

On the other hand, wide-tooth thinning scissors are great for providing cuts to hair that are thick and coarse in nature. They cut larger chunks of hair with greater ease and get the haircut done faster.

Look into the Return Policy


In case the hairstylist or user of the scissor isn’t satisfied with the purchase, returning the product should always be an option.

Especially when it comes to an online purchase, it is hard to figure out if the scissors fit perfectly in the hairstylist’s hands. Only after using it can one say if the purchase is a good one or not.

Thus making a return on such a major investment must be looked into by finding out whether the company provides its products with a return policy or not. Furthermore, always seek advice on a particular item from someone who has experienced using it before making the purchase.

Look into the Warranty


Warranties vary from company to company and the same applies to a pair of hairdressing scissors as well. Some pairs of hairdressing scissors come with a warranty of a few years while some offer a lifetime warranty.

It is observed more often than not that paying a little extra amount while purchasing the product offers a longer warranty which is always suggested as a good decision.

No hairstylist likes to find the perfect pair of hairdressing scissors to soon find out that the pair no longer works and additionally doesn’t come with a warranty as well.

Price and payment options


Investing in a pair of hairdressing scissors is not something cheap and must be decided after careful research. The price factor also matters a lot as it is an asset that would be used as a long time investment.

Therefore, it is always important to ask the retailer the least costly and most costly option before making a decision. Also, feel the tool and see if it’s worth the price as a professional and experienced hair stylist would know the difference between a good product and a bad product.

Furthermore, some hairstylists don’t have the funds to make a complete payment at the first shot. Some companies allow the payment to be made in installments. This is a better alternative of paying as it does not cause a hole in the hairstylist’s pocket and also gives financial ease to the hairstylist when it comes to clearing the payment.

The hairstylist can further recoup this money between installments through the various clients that he or she may work with. This would save the hairstylist from going into debt worth hundreds of dollars.

Summing It Up

Intense research and experience must be endured before making a purchase worth thousands. For a person investing in a pair of hairdressing scissors the first time, certain tips and opinions from professionals can save them from making the wrong decision.

Some of the tips include looking into the cost, payment options, whether it comes with a warranty, the quality of stainless steel used in the blades, the types of scissors and their uses, the return policy, and moreover the overall quality of the purchase.

We hope the above-mentioned tips give you a better insight into some factors a hairstylist or a first-time purchaser of a pair of hairdressing scissors must look into before splurging hundreds of dollars.