How to Choose a Wig Which Suits You?


Now more and more people begin to wear wigs; whether it is celebrities, hipsters, amateurs, blacks, whites, or people of all skin colors, wearing wigs has gradually become a fashion. A suitable wig can make a person look fashionable and even look like a facelift.

According to, many people love wigs because they allow your hair to be long or short, straight or curly, and you can change the shape you like without hurting your hair. The realistic wearing looks good, and it is breathable.

Everyone loves beauty. Mainly it is a manifestation of beauty if you wear a wig. So choosing a good wig can bring you self-confidence.

Regarding how to choose a wig

First, ensure whether you need a wig block or a wig cover. The difference is enormous. The wig blocks are used to cover the part of the hair loss, while the Wig cover protects the entire head. The wigs in stores are usually hair covers or small wig blocks for women. Hair wraps cover the hair from end to end and are generally unsuitable for men. Instead, the wig block usually covers a minor part of your head and blends seamlessly with the original hair growing on your head. Another difference is that the wig blocks are held to the scalp by adhesives or clips, making them semi-permanent, while the Wig cover can be removed easily at any time. After figuring out the difference between the two, start choosing the wig which suits you.

There are many grades of wigs, and pure handmade human hair is one of the higher grades. From the material artistry, the sense of fidelity and fashion will be much higher than in ordinary wigs. Of course, the price of handmade 100% human hair sets will also correspond accordingly, Much more expensive.

When buying a wig, pay attention to the following points:


The realistic hairline quality of the hairline can change how the whole wig looks. Looking at the hairline, most people can tell if you are wearing a wig. A lousy wig isn’t sewn well and makes the hairline look fake.

High-quality wigs are finely stitched and hand-cut to create the illusion of natural hair growth; coupled with the simulated human scalp, it is seamless to wear.

So before buying a wig, be sure to check the hairline carefully.

Hair Color

The wig mentioned here is not a wig covering the entire head but a wig block located only on the top of the head, so after wearing it, the hair on the temples and the back pillow is still clearly visible.

So if you want the effect to be realistic, make sure that the hair color of the wig is very close to your hair color. Otherwise, it will be seen as fake even if the two are blended well because the color difference is noticeable.

If you can’t find a hair color similar to yours, you can customize it, which is the most effective method.


A wig can be used for 6-12 months if properly used and maintained. Use a wide-toothed comb and gentle products to preserve the integrity of the wig’s texture.

But you’ve been duped if your wig looks shabby, frizzy, and dull after a few washes! You bought a bad wig.

Comfortable fabric


The comfort of the bottom of the wig net is one of the main determinants of quality. The base of the wig with poor quality is rugged and airtight, which usually stimulates the scalp and affects hair regeneration.

The mesh bottom of a good quality wig must be smooth and comfortable, and the first choice is lace and mono net bottom, which can keep the hair and scalp healthy.

If your scalp is sensitive, you should wear wigs that are made for people with sensitive scalps.

Production process: In producing wigs, one is machine-woven, and the other is hand-sewn.

Compared to machine-made wigs, hand-sewn wigs have smaller and more realistic features. Of course, hand-sewn wigs are relatively expensive.

If you’re looking to buy a realistic wig, make sure the knots where the strands connect to the bottom of the net are tiny. Otherwise, the wig will look unnatural and be difficult to comb.

Hair quality

A good wig is made from the highest quality human hair

If you choose a human hair wig, make sure the hair is natural.

1. Choosing a Wig Technique


People are confused because so many kinds of wigs are on the market. Before choosing a wig, you must measure your head circumference. The average head circumference is 20.8′, 21.2′, 21.8′, 22′, 22.4′ and 22.8′. so be sure to follow your head circumference. Choose, or wear it on the head; if it is too small, it will hurt the head circumference when you take it off for a day, and the scalp will be very uncomfortable after being squeezed for a day. If it’s too big and a gust of wind blows, it falls, so we must choose the size which suits our head.

2. Choose the wig that suits you according to your face shape

Long faces: Long straight hair or concise cuts should be avoided. If you have a perm, you should cut the hair up to the chin and curl it into a ball or curl. Or comb it into a ponytail. In short, the longer face should appear wider through the hairstyle.

Square face: Do not choose a square and straight hairstyle that grows to the chin. Use a curly or shoulder-length hairstyle to let it fall natural so that it can hide any flaws.

Round face: Do not use bangs to cover the entire forehead. You can use a haircut that divides between three and seven; at least part of the forehead should be exposed, the outer haircut should be square and straight, and the top part of the hair should be emphasized to make a face appear slender.

You can also choose hairstyles with medium-length hair that cover the cheeks. This makes the face look as long as possible and makes a big face look small.

Oval face: You can choose a big wave wig with curved bangs and smooth lines to highlight the forehead. This will make the whole face look lively and smooth.

Don’t leave bangs on the forehead if you want a sunflower seed face. Choose a hairstyle with hair that is about shoulder length. It’s essential to cover the widest part of the cheeks with short, fluffy, curly hair for a very balanced look.

Because of the nose’s shape, the back of the head and neck don’t need to be combed. If not, it will work against itself. Clips can be used to keep the hair up and make a stylish hairstyle. If your hair is short, you should focus on the top of your head.


Diamond-shaped face: This face shape is more suitable for the middle part, especially the loose forehead part and the plump haircut on the chin. This overall feeling will be very harmonious, just like the famous pear head—those whose foreheads aren’t very wide. You can fix it with bangs. As long as the forehead is hidden, it doesn’t matter how big or small. Try not to show your forehead.

3. Choose a wig according to your skin tone

White skin tone: Although fair skin tone is naturally beautiful, if the wig’s color is not chosen correctly, it will make you look unhealthy. However, reddish and soft colors such as light brown, red, and light brown wigs will make your face ruddy and lively.

Yellowish skin tone: If you have a yellowish skin tone, you can choose darker colors such as natural black and dark brown, making the yellowish skin look much fairer. Do not refuse yellow hair color. It will make the skin that is not good-looking even more ugly.

Dark skin tone: Severe skin pigmentation will make the complexion look dull and dull. Use natural black, dark orange, etc., to set off the hair color, making a face much brighter.

Ladies choose wigs: fashionable ladies can choose Mixed color wig blocks to increase the style of hairstyles; wig bangs can also be used to create different hairstyles; wigs can change hairstyles, suitable for the women who want to change hairstyles frequently,

Middle-aged and older adults choose wigs: Most middle-aged adults have gray hair. Choosing a wig cover with short hairstyles is recommended, which are easy to take care of and look younger.

Briefly, how to choose a wig that suits your circumstances should establish you. It would be advantageous if you did not mindlessly follow the trend. Not everything works for everyone.