Brows On Fleek: Transform Your Brows in a Snap With Eyebrow Wigs


Women have created new ways to create thick, defined brows since big brows became the beauty fad a few years ago. Several different products can help you achieve perfect eyebrows—from pencils and powders to waxes and mascaras. Many people find it frustrating and time-consuming to fill their eyebrows every day, so they have started looking for ways to make this process easier and faster.

Microblading is a popular method of tattooing that imitates the look and feel of natural eyebrow hairs by using tiny needles to deposit pigment beneath the skin. However, if you’re uncomfortable with having your eyebrows embroidered, consider getting eyebrow wigs instead. Eyebrow wigs offer natural-looking fullness without going under the needle—but before that, check out the review on lovely eyebrow wigs from My Two Brows and see if they are right for you.

What Is An Eyebrow Wig?


An eyebrow wig is a hairpiece designed to cover natural eyebrows. Many people turn to an eyebrow wig when their natural eyebrow hair needs to be more sparse or nonexistent. In most cases, human hair is used to create an eyebrow wig; however, this is only sometimes the case. You may find these wigs in various shades and textures to perfectly mimic your hair.

They assist in concealing bald spots brought on by alopecia or chemotherapy and add volume to eyebrows that are too thin or sparse. They can be purchased with a gel or a lace backing, both of which allow for mobility. Human hairs are carefully placed on the eyebrows with gel backing to match the natural hair growth patterns in real eyebrows, giving them a completely natural appearance.

Eyebrow wigs will only stay on with some adhesive, unlike a wig that rests on your head. There are adhesives explicitly designed for this purpose.

How Does An Eyebrow Wig Work?


Eyebrow wigs can be composed of synthetic or natural hair to create the appearance of full, natural-looking eyebrows. You apply them on top of your real brows, so they blend in. They’re cheap, simple to use, and can instantly change the look of your brows.

When maintained properly, eyebrows can last between two and four months. Their life expectancy is affected by a variety of circumstances. Their durability can be compromised by heat, chemicals, incorrect washing, sweat, abrasion, and even sleeping in the eyebrows.

It’s important to note that eyebrow wigs aren’t for everyone. Because they cover your real brows, some people don’t like wearing them. They also require a lot of maintenance and can be uncomfortable.

How To Apply Your Eyebrow Wig?

Here are tips to help you get started:

  • Clean your brows to eliminate excess grease and grime. In the long run, this aids in the stability of your eyebrows.
  • Take a good look at your eyebrows. Decide where you want your brow to begin, then use a thin line of eyeliner to mark the place.
  • Make a mark at the point where you want the arch to begin and the brows to fade out.
  • Put some glue on the underside of your brow wigs.
  • The brow wigs should be positioned to cover the areas you marked.
  • Tweak your eyebrows. Removing unwelcome strands of hair from your natural brow and the brow wig is necessary to achieve the desired appearance. It’s also possible to achieve the “laminate eyebrow” effect by brushing your brows and applying a small amount of brow gel.
  • To avoid looking too made-up, use concealer beneath and over your brows and smooth the edges.
  • Makeup erasers can be used to get rid of eyeliner smudges.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eyebrow Wigs


The benefits of eyebrow wigs are that they can completely transform your appearance and are effortless to use. You don’t have to worry about applying makeup during the day (or at night), and keeping a steady supply of brow products on hand is not necessary.

However, there are some drawbacks as well. First, eyebrow wigs are not reusable—once you take them off, they’re gone for good! Second, if you apply too much pressure while removing hair from the wig or your natural brows, there’s a chance that you could damage your skin. Finally, if you don’t use a high-quality wig or if it’s not applied correctly, it can be undeniable that you’re wearing one.

Eyebrow Wigs vs. Microblading

Eyebrow wigs and microblading are similar in using a manual tool to create individual eyebrow hairs, but the differences are vast. While microblading uses needles to deposit pigment into the skin and creates new hair follicles, eyebrow wigs require only gluing down synthetic hairs onto your natural brows.

The process of applying eyebrow wigs is relatively quick and easy as well—all you have to do is position the fibers where you want them to go and then brush some gel through them for added realism.

Eyebrow Wigs Vs. Eyebrow Tattoos


Eyebrow tattoos can be permanent or temporary. They are also relatively easy to remove, though the process can be expensive. Eyebrow wigs are not permanent and should last for about three months before you reapply them. If you have an eyebrow wig on, it’s easy to tell that something is off—the fibers may move around or look unnatural when viewed up close.

That’s why we recommended temporary eyebrow tattoos over eyebrow wigs. There’s no risk—wipe them off if you don’t like them! You can try many colors and styles to find the perfect brows for your face shape.

Final Thoughts

You are not destined to overpluck or skimpy brows forever, even if there are better options than eyebrow wigs. A temporary eyebrow tattoo is an excellent option as an all-natural replacement for eyebrow wigs. If you get a temporary tattoo and decide you don’t like it, removing it is a breeze.

Finding the best brows for your face shape can be done by experimenting with different shades and shapes. When you find the perfect brows for your face, it’s like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders—you’ll feel much better about yourself. You will no longer stress about what other people think of your appearance and can focus on getting out there and living life to the fullest.