15 Odell Beckham Jr. Haircuts – Pictures & Tutorials

odell beckham jr hair

The Odell Beckham Jr. also Known as OBJ, one of the famous American footballers of the National Football League, the guy who born in Louisiana has the most popular men’s hairstyles. According to the trend list of hairstyles, Odell Beckham Jr. hairstyles is on-trend, lots of barbers getting request to style the hairstyle like Odell Beckham. The interesting things of OBJ haircut – His curly hair is so natural, Most of his picture has Curly Mohawk Haircut with a thick buzz cut and line up on top. Odell Beckham Jr. Hair also has a color that makes the hairstyle more dashing. How does Odell Beckham get his hair curly – Because he is a sportsman, he has to stay in sun, and he is a Black Guy. He has Naturally Curly Hair and OBJ Hair looks cool with Braid. If you want to style your curly hair and long hair like this, check out this 15 Pictures list of Odell Beckham Jr. Haircut.


The most important part to get a haircut like Odell Beckham Jr., you just need to know which fade haircut style will be best for you and which one you should choose. Like Mid Fade is the perfect side part fade haircut if you have curly hair, mohawk hairstyle, and kind of signature faux hawk. Let’s start the list of 15 Cool Odell Beckham jr haircuts and the name of every single hairstyle.

Messy Curls + Curly Beard + High Fade Taper

obj haircut rsbdesign 2023

One Side Down Curly Hair with Braids Combo

odell beckham jr haircut name curls long hair

High Skin Fade Side Part Haircut

new haircut odell beckham jr.hair color blonde curly hair

Sharp Shaped Haircut  Design With Faux Haircut

odell beckham jr haircut sid epart fade haircut mohawk fade

Bald Fade Finishing + Short Length Curly Hair On Top

odell beckham jr hair latest hairstyle with obj haircut

Burst Fade Curly Spikes Mohawk Fade

how does odell beckham get his hair curly

Bleached Curly Afro Haircut + Burst Fade

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Curl Sponge Haircut + Afro America Hairstyle

odell beckham hair new latest

Golden Curls + Short Curly Top Hairstyle

odell beckham hair with curly mohawk hairstyle

Odell Beckham Jr. Short Haircut + Low Fade Side Part

how to style hair like odell beckham hair tutorial beard

High Skin Fade Side Odell Beckham Jr Hairstyle / Beard

how to get odell beckham curls with taper fade haircut

How to Style Short Haircut Like OBJ

what color is odell beckham's hair

Blonde Curly Mohawk + Back Razor Cut Designed

odell hair color and back designs razor cut fade design

Short Buzz Cut Hairstyle + Curly Beard Hard

odell beckham jr haircut name short buzz curly hairstyle

Platinum Mohawk Odell Beckham Haircut

sponge mohawk jr hairstyle curly mohawk