Tricks to Wear Men’s Shoes and Look Perfect – 2023 Guide

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Wearing men’s shoes is not only a comfortable option and it increases our range of options. This footwear is also a style framework that allows us to innovate with our usual looks and make them even more interesting and fashionable. You can visit Vlone Shop. It is normal that you have some misgivings about introducing men’s shoes in your most feminine style, but there is no reason for that. Wearing them is much easier than it seems and you just have to look at a few details to look great with them.

How to Wear Masculine Shoes and Maintain A Feminine Essence?

1. Always show a bit of your legs with these shoes

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Showing even just a little skin helps to balance the masculine touch and the leg-shortening effect of these shoes.

In the case of pants, these must end above the ankle and you must not wear socks. Any type of skirt and dress is valid with this footwear too, and with these yes, socks are allowed mainly in winter or mid-season looks. If you prefer maxi skirts, make sure they have a striking slit that shows off your legs when you move.

You can also wear shoes with neutral or colorful tights or with shirt hoodies, but in the latter case, only if you wear these types of shoes which cover your legs.

2. Balances masculinity and femininity

A simple trick to make your look more interesting and flattering is to create contrasts. In the case of men’s shoes, this can be achieved simply by combining them with a garment or accessory with a clearly feminine essence.

Skirts and dresses are the classic example, but these shoes also work great with blouses, fancy jewelry, and even stunning makeup.

3. Enjoy masculinity

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Since you wear men’s shoes, you can always enjoy their essence and try more risky and strong looks. Try combining them with your boyfriend jeans, for example, or with a blazer or polo with a more masculine cut.

To tone down the effect and prevent the look from looking too much like a costume, try wearing your hair down or adding small, discreet accessories that don’t break with the outfit theme but still give it a softer touch.

4. Versatility depending on the context

Due to their masculine essence, these shoes have a formal weight that makes them very versatile depending on the style of the outfit.

For work or more formal situations, you can combine them with slightly raised straight pants to show a little of the ankles or with tight and sober dresses. A blazer or suit is also an excellent option, but in this case you should opt for a lighter tone for the upper body and for the shoes to avoid an old-fashioned or too heavy and serious look.

Combine your masculine shoes with jeans and a more sophisticated blazer or blouse and you will also easily achieve a very elegant casual chic style.

For a softer and more romantic look you should bet on a totally feminine outfit that incorporates the shoes as a different and interesting detail instead of assuming it as part of the balance of the whole style.

5. Be careful with the colors

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If you are going to wear men’s shoes, you have to follow the same rules of men when it comes to the color combination.

A black dress or skirt with brown shoes is considered a faux pas. Also, no matter the model of the shoe or the style of the clothing, white stockings, socks and tights are prohibited with these shoes.

For the rest, you can give wings to your imagination and be creative with your looks. However, the ideal is that the color of the shoes always combines with some detail in the outfit, such as the color of a garment, part of the detail of a pattern or with the bag, for example.

As you can see, it is very easy to wear shoes with a more masculine essence, whether they are Oxford, Derby, Brogues or another type. You just have to keep in mind the rule of always showing a little skin or clearly differentiating the different sections of the body (as in the case of skirts). For the rest, you can create new styles and looks with this footwear or simply incorporate it into your personal style to give a different touch to your looks.

6. The Outsole

The sole is the part of contact against the ground, and a large part of the comfort of the footwear depends on it. We must take into account that its drawing provides a correct grip to the ground. The shoe must provide, both wet and dry, sufficient grip to prevent falls and to allow efficient progress.

How should the drawing of the sole be?

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The back of the sole must-have channels with the correct depth to disperse the liquid elements that are on the ground.

The profile must be square and well defined

The front part should have studs that are different shapes and that protrude in different directions.

It is not recommended that they have hard and smooth materials in the heel with rounded profiles. Wedge-shaped studs or long continuous ridges.

The Finishing of the Footwear

An important aspect of a hotel is thermal comfort. Depending on the geographical area and the season of the year we will look for the interior of the shoe to have certain characteristics. Another important aspect is the finish of the seams; they must be well finished to avoid possible blistering wounds.

What should I consider?

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In general, wool or similar inner linings are very warm and ideal for very cold conditions. If we are looking for a little more freshness, a lining that absorbs sweat will be the right thing to do.

  • The material must be as flexible and breathable as possible.
  • Cushioned cuff designs fit better over the ankle and result in warmer shoes by reducing air circulation.
  • The seams must be well finished. The reinforcements of the toecap and the lacing area must be watched carefully as they can be nailed during the step.


The insole has a great impact on the comfort of the footwear, since it determines the different pressures that the foot will receive when it contacts the ground and is responsible for keeping the sole of the foot free of sweat.

How to choose the correct template?

  • Soft materials are preferable, especially in the front, especially in high-heeled shoes.
  • If you see that the sole is too thin and you feel the irregularities of the ground, a slightly thicker insole is advisable to improve the insulation.
  • Perforated insoles under the toes and arch keep your feet sweat-free.