Stephen Curry Haircut – Lots of pictures of American professional basketball player


Let’s style your hairstyle with the Stephen curry American professional basketball player, we’ve added 10+ Stephen Curry Haircut pictures with examples. Lots of pictures of Steph Curry Haircut, with the method of that haircut and how to show your chooses hairstyle to your barber. Who is Steph Curry?

Currently, the athlete displays his hair in a fade cut, which is one of the darlings of men, but he has ventured into other styles. If you are thinking about renewing the look, how about meeting some of them? See below and choose your favorite.

How To Style Steph Curry Hair?

Let’s check out who’s the Barber of Stephen Curry? – The big question for many is: Who is the Golden State Warriors shirt 30 barber? The answer is JayR Mallari, a barber from Los Angeles, California, who is responsible for the visuals of a handful of American basketball league athletes. JayR, according to Esquire magazine, discovered that he had a knack for the craft unintentionally when he started cutting his friends’ hair for $ 5 while still in high school.

1 Short Blowout + Curly Hairstyle

Stephen Curry messy curls with low fade haircut

Short Blowout + Curly Hairstyle is more like a fashionable haircut, but it can still be considered as flows because the hair is tapered exactly as required by the classic version of this cut. Probably, the biggest advantage of these shortcuts is that they require no maintenance. In the morning, all you have to do is push your hair up with a little ointment, that’s it! This is also a famous haircut for Stephan curry.

2 Short Curls + Drop Fade

Stephen Curry short haircut blowout haircut

Short Curls + Drop Fade is a very popular hairstyle among men and will remain so for a good time. The hair is styled on the side with a very nice movement. However, this cut does not work for all hair types.


3 Steph Curry Hair Short Fade Haircut

stephen curry short hair temple fade curls

Very modern and stylish, the short fade haircut is for those who can hold a bolder look. Here, the hair on the top of the head must be kept bulky so that the fade shape can be made. In the case of the player, the shape was made with rounded tips. Stephan also uses this haircut for a long time.

4 Stephen Curry Beard Style

Stephen Curry blowout fade with mid fade and beard style

Stephen Curry Beard Style is also a famous haircut in his fans. Beard style haircut is simple but attractive. You can shape it according to your moods and preferences. Your hair is cut short on the side while remaining long at the top. A very simple hairstyle to maintain. This is the most creative cut style for men who want to look cool and fashionable. Stephan also uses these styles for a few months.

5 Taper Fade Side Part Haircut

Stephen Curry hairstyles with beard style

As we said, the Taper Fade Side Part Haircut, which is a strong trend among men of different hair types, is the current darling of the players. If you want to do the same, simply explain to your hairdresser or barber that you want a cut with the fullest top and the sloping sides and back.

6 New Stephen Curry Haircut 2023

Stephen Curry haircut bald fade short buzz cut

Looking for a classic and stylish haircut that will give you the look you want? Here is the hairstyle for you. The textured crop is beautiful, the gradient perfectly executed and good contours can sublimate the whole, a cup that we love. This is a new Stephan curry haircut which also becomes popular in his fans and best of the undercut fade.

7 Dreads + High Bald Fade Haircut

Stephen Curry Dreads with high taper fade bald haircut

Dreads + High Bald Fade Haircut is not quite a cut, but a texturing method for curly hair. In it, with the help of a specific sponge, it is possible to create small dreads in the wires. That was once Stephen Curry’s hair, but certainly not his most popular.

Latest Dreads + High Bald Fade Haircut, by the way, is a democratic texturing and can be done in any style of curly haircut.

8 High Top Fade + Skin Fade Side

Stephen Curry high bald fade side part haircut

This style is for those who like practicality and do not want to have any work with the hair. The High Top Fade + Skin Fade Side is the one made in the machine, where the hair is concise. If you want to keep the cut on time and don’t have a machine at home, you will have to pay a visit to the salon to keep the cut every 15 days or at most once a month. Thinking it’s easy to keep Stephen Curry’s hair?

9 Temple Fade + Short Curls

best haisrtyles of Stephen Curry haircut

The fade effect – with the gradient machine – is the great detail of the Stephen Curry haircut style. The name cut temple fade taper refers to the temple, which receives a more trimmed cut. Then the rest of the side of the hair, creating an effect that practically removes the sideburns of the hairstyle.

These are some famous haircuts of Stephan curry, do not hesitate to leave a comment and give your opinion on these incredible hairstyles, give the number of your favorite hairstyle and feel free to share this article on the networks. Also, CHECK THE BEST MEN’S SHAMPOO 2023 LIST HERE.

All Pictures are taken from Stephen Curry Instagram.