4 Signs Your Previous Nose Job Needs Correction

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Beauty procedures and surgeries have never been more popular than right now. More and more people opt to correct something about their appearance that has been bugging them for years, that little thing that does not allow them to sleep well at night. This can be more than enough to cause a lack of self-esteem and to make to look feel bad about your looks. A lack of a positive attitude and not being sure of yourself is an easy way into anxiety and depression as well. If you have ever wondered if it is the right time to take the next step, you should know that it is.

However, things are not always as straightforward and certain procedures do not always go as planned. For example, nose jobs are among the most common types of beauty surgeries, but they are also among those that often require a second trip to the doctor’s office and some kind of correction. In case you have already undergone a nose job and are not wondering if you have what you wanted or not, bear with us here. You may be wondering was the nose job you have had success or if you perhaps need a correction. In the article before you, we will reveal to you the most important and common signs that your previous procedure requires a correction. To find out more about this, make sure to check out this resource.

Signs it Went Well

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Before we mention what the signs of a good nose job are, you should know what you should not have for the nose job to be considered an absolute success.

1. Symmetry

The symmetry of your face is of the utmost importance. For thousands of years of human civilization, facial symmetry has been the symbol of beauty and connected to healthier personas and good genetics. Therefore, those who are not happy with it want to correct it, and the nose is one of the crucial parts of the whole thing. Achieving symmetry is the key, so achieving it or maintaining the already symmetrical nose is a sign of good surgery.

2. Lack of Scars

Every rhinoplasty is supposed to make the nose look better and not worse. It involves cutting and stitching, but this type of cosmetic surgery is meant for aesthetics. Scars have no place there, so if the end result is scar-free, you can call it a success.

3. Natural Look

Although you will no longer have your natural nose genetics displayed on your face following a nose job, you still want it to look natural and not fake. A natural-looking nose following surgery is the most obvious thing every patient wants. If it does not look obviously fake and unnatural, everything went well.

4. Harmony of the Face

The whole face is one large system where everything has its role and place. Every face is different, but each face has the same elements that work together. Following a rhinoplasty, you want the whole face to be in harmony. The nose should not stick out as it may have before. It should fit seamlessly with the whole face and its other features. Harmony is important and if it is achieved, the nose job was successful.

Sings You Need Correction

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Not we are ready to answer the titular issue of the article and give you the signs your previous job needs a correction.

1. Breathing Issues

If you have trouble breathing following the procedure, there may have been a very serious problem during the operation. The form and function of the nose are crucial for breathing, so if there has been more tinkering than it should, something could be causing your newly found issues. The nose is used for breathing, so if you cannot breathe normally you really need a correction. Removal of too much cartilage usually causes such problems. Delicate sculpting is needed in order to avoid it, and an emphasis should be put on the overall structure of the nose.

2. You’re (Dis)Satisfaction

If you are for whatever reason unhappy with the final result of your nose job, there is no reason to accept it and move on with your life. This is especially true if the plastic surgeon did not follow your wishes and if your new look is nothing like what you wanted and agreed upon. Not only should you be eligible for a correction, but a refund and other benefits. Never settle and have a correction as soon as possible.

3. Pain

Since it is a surgical procedure, after all, there will be pain once it all settles down and cools off. For the first few days and weeks, you will have a strict plan of action and a set of rules to follow. The nose will be very vulnerable to all sorts of factors. However, if such problems persist well after the supposed period, a correction may be in order because something could have gone wrong in the meantime, or during the initial surgery. Too much pain is never a good thing so make sure to contact the surgeon if something like this happens.

4. Lack of Smell

Apart from breathing, smelling things is the second crucial role of our nose. If you had no problems with your sense of smell before but after the surgery you do, immediately contact your doctor and your plastic surgeon. You will want to get on the issue as soon as possible to make sure it is not a long-lasting consequence. It should not be but you never know what could have happened, without the knowledge of the surgeon even. The last thing you want is a lifelong problem with the sense of smell because of a rather simple operation that should have no side effects.

Conclusion and Takeaways

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While it does seem scary to think that some of these four issues can potentially happen to you following a nose job, they are quite rare. Even if they happen they are usually easily dealt with during the correction. A far more likely outcome is symmetry, the harmony of the face, natural look, and no scars, combined with the lack of all four potential signs of a bad correction.