25 Best FuckBoy Haircut

fuckboy haircut

In the trends of men’s hairstyles we have got something new that calls Fuckboy Haircut, it’s spell-like “Fuckboi” or “F boy” but generally it’s just some new hairstyles with modification. Some latest men’s haircuts like short, medium and long styles you can get 25 of Fuckboi Haircut in this list with latest updates. These types of hairstyles are getting so famous, most of the teenagers look like to be an attractive guy if you are one of them. The right place to find Fuckboy haircut is here because we have searched a lot, talk with so many worldwide barbers, and put their references below picture. They gave us their’s review of f boy haircut. We have added all of it for our visitors, lemme tell you more about fuckboy hairstyles, it’s like a fuckboy that is most famous in ladies, that has so many cheeks and kinda playboy. The reason it becomes famous is the attraction of these new trendy men’s hairstyles.


Take this tour of the famous and trendy hairstyles F boy haircut here, here you can get hairstyles like modern fringe, long quiff, low fade side part, mohawk, man bun and more you have to take a look all of it. If you like to get a mid fade side part haircut or like bald fade in this summers to share this with your barber and friends.

1 Medium Length Highlighted Hair Design

fuckboi haircuts latest 2023 mens hairstyles
Source: Instagram

Look at the wave hairstyle of this guy, this called a fuckboi haircut with this type of medium length and beard design like this if you have a look like this and beard like him. Must try it and get the trendy men’s hairstyle.

2 Side Part Fade + Fuckboi Haircut Style with Tattoos

alan_beak medium length hair quiff side low fade fuckboy haircut
Source: Instagram/Alan Beak

F Boy Hair with a shaved face look like this, we have taken this hairstyle from Alan Beak’s Instagram to share this fuckboy hairstyle for you. Get this hairstyle with just some simple steps like, first you should have medium length hair and a barber like Alan Beak.

3 Fringe Style + Spikes + Razor Cut Fade

tombaxter_hair high fade side part fuckboy haircut
Source: Instagram/Tombaxten Hair

This F Boi Haircut is very unique, lemme tell you how, it has four types of hair design to make it a latest f haircut. First, the fringe style with modern way, hard holds short spikes, cool thick razor cut, and low skin fade side part. What a Perfect Combo of Men’s Haircuts.

4 The Perfect Fuckboi Haircuts

alan_beak fuck boy haircut grey hair latest haircut
Source: Instagram/Alan Beak

We have got so many cool f boy hairstyles from Alan Beak, they have so awesome barbers that makes unique men’s haircut, mostly they try asian fuckboy haircut, but this one is one of the best. You must try it, if you have tattoos like him, that’s good tho, it is ok if not, show it to your barber with your long length hair.

5 Modern Fringe + Croped + Taper Fade Side

alan_beak Modern Fringe Haircuts fuckboi haircuts
Source: Instagram/Alan Beak

Retro Look of the best fuck boi haircut with this Modern Fringe high cropped latest hairstyle, it has high fade side part with taper high to low hair fade. With the latest style of Taper Fade, fade haircuts are so important to complete any modern haircut and make the f boy haircut perfect you must need a fade style.

6 Mohawk Modern + Teen Boy Haircut

fuckboi haircut new short spiky mohawk hairstyles
Source: Instagram

What a Complete trendy men’s haircut it is, with the modern mohawk hairstyle, slim hairline on the side and burst to fade hair design. Most of teen boy haircut comes in the list of F Boy Haircuts and new trendy haircuts.

7 Pidgeot Haircut + High Slicked Back Hair

croped hair hard slicked back design bald skin fade
Source: Instagram

One of the most popular ways to make a fuck boy hairstyle like this, you must have long hair to get a perfect slicked back touch, but it can make with medium length hair too. As you can see the strength highlighted hair and the pidgeot style and side part bald fade skin part.

8 FuckBoy Haircut Man Bun Style

deanothebarber_ arab haircut long length f boy haircuts
Source: Instagram/Deano The Barber

In the list of F Boi Haircut, there are just some long hair and man bun hairstyle that’s come in the list, check this modern long high lighted golden black hair. Check out the side part low fade hair and shape of beard to complete the f haircut by Deano The Barber.

9 Bad Boy Hairstyle + Dreadlock Man Bun Style

deanothebarber_ bad boy hairstyles man with breads dreadlocks
Source: Instagram/Deano The Barber

One of the Unique Hairstyles in 2023 of the list of Fuck Boy Hair, made by Deano The Barber and Love. Made it if you love this, you need very long hair and perfect hairdresser like Deano, check out the Instagram of Deano for more.

10 Medium Length Quiff + Side Quiff Taper Fade

high slicked highlighted cold hair with taper fade design on f boy haircuts
Source: Instagram

Best of 2023 Men’s Hairstyle with this Modern Quiff and Unique F Boy Hairstyle, the main part of this hairstyle the hard part of slicked hair hard hold with men’s hair wax. Fade Side Part Haircut Taping down to low.

11 High Fade Bald + Drop Hairstyle Fuckboi Style

deanothebarber_ red head hair high bald skin haircut
Source: Instagram/Deano The Barber

Best Hairstyle for Guys who has a short length hairstyle but want something new like this, contact with your barber. Short Buzz Cut Colored Hair and the side skin high fade with a touch of fuckboi hairstyles.

12 Long Hairstyles For Men with Modern F Boy Hair

barberdeano highlighted messy mohawk fade taper fade
Source: Instagram/Deano Barber

One of the best hairstyles by Deano Barber, that is perfect and modern hairstyle. How to Get Perfect Fuckboi Haircuts? as we have researched most of fuckboi haircuts, guys are full shaved face and 18 to 24 years old age.

13 Unique Undercut Fade Hairstyle F Boy

barberdeano high skin fade side part haircut fuck boy haircut
Source: Instagram/Deano Barber

This hairstyle on the trends list, Deano Barber is one of the great hairdressers, the team is perfect and always make unique and awesome hairstyles. Check this hairstyle with points – Medium length Short Quiff Curved to One side Hairstyle with side part high skin taper fade uncute. Teen Boys Beard and Mustache in a low amount style.

14 Man Bun Boi Haircuts – Pineapple Haircut

deanothebarber_ f boy haircut latest man bun hairstyle
Source: Instagram/Deano The Barber

Deano the Barber’s Best Man Bun Hairstyle with Moon Curved Cut and High Shaped Side, High Amount Man Bun of Curly Hair and the Fades. Let’s see the Fade Part – Low Fade Haircut with Drop Fade Shaded skin hairstyles.

15 Modern Quiff – Short Pomp Hairstyle`

javi_thebarber_ asain fuck boy haircut pompadour hairstyle side drop bald fade
Source: Instagram/Javi The Barber

World’s Best Hair Stylist JAVE THE BARBER, best hairstyle in the list of fuckboy haircut is not strange, it deserves because they made it when nobody knows about F Boy Haircuts. Here you can make this hairstyle with medium length curved quiff, hard shaped cut, low to down skin fade side part cut.

16 Long Fuckboi Haircut + Funky Beard Style

luiiisc_ long hold hair bad boy f boy haircut fade design
Source: Instagram/Luis Chevere

If you have hair like a girl, and you don’t wanna cut them and also wants to make them stylish, then you are in the right place. We have found these awesome metrosexual haircuts from Instagram of Luis Chevere.

17 Asian Style Mustache FuckBoy Haircut

seuelias stylish mustache short spiky puff hairstyle fuck boy hairstyles
Source: Instagram/Seu Elias

Style your hairstyle like this with making a Modern Quiff, short pomp, disconnected shaped, low fade side with awesome Asian Indian mustache style. Get more this type of Fuckboi Cut to Instagram Seu Elias, one of the famous hairstylist barber.

18 Curly Tall Flat Top – Footballer Hairstyle F Boi Haircut

tombaxter_hair curly Tall Flat Top footballer hairstyle f boi haircut
Source: Instagram/Tom Baxter Hair

If you have curly hair and want a fuckboi hairstyle, this hairstyle is for you, it’s a great example and fuckboy meaning. How to style curly fuckboy hairstyle? – We have taken this hairstyle from the barber – TOM BAXTER HAIR on Instagram, this hairstyle has a sharp high razor cut on side part with side low fade hair and the tall flat top curly hair full shaped.

19 Mix of MODERN & Funky  F Boi Hairstyle

travisanthonyhair fuckboy haircut with beard
Source: Instagram/travisanthonyhair

Style this cool hairstyle by Travisanthony Hair, get a modern hairstyle like him, we have added it in fuckboy haircut because of the way to style it. Look at the bearded man and medium length top curved hair and side part low fade vs high fade haircut.

20 Spiky Hairstyles For Guys

travisanthonyhair designed shaved line sharp beard fuck boy hairstyle
Source: Instagram/travisanthonyhair

One of the best hairstyle by Travis Anthony Hair, that is a cool f boy hairstyle with this funky look and fade part haircut. What makes this f boy haircut unique? the beard style is full of meaning fuckboi, style your hair like this grow some beard and choose a barber like Travis and get the awesome look like him.

21 F Boi Tattoo Funky Spiky Haircut

alan_beak short length spiky hair fuckboi haircut
Source: Instagram/Alan Beak

New Type of Spiky Haircut with the touch of Fuckboi Hair, Why it’s Different and What is So Special On It? That’s Makes it Fuckboy Haircut – First the tattoo style on the side part of fade bald hair, fringe hair at the front and a spiky horn on top with a funky style.

22 Curly Long Hair Mohawk + Side Part

barberdeano curly quiff mohawk with wave cuts modern fuckboy haircuts
Source: Instagram/Deano Barber

This hairstyle comes in the Top 10 Latest Men’s Hairstyles 2023, get this unique hairstyle like how? it has long length hair on top head modern mohawk, curly hair. Side Part High Bald Fade + Taper Style, the best thing to make it special is the razor cut on back with fade style.

23 Fire Highlighted Shades F boi Hairstyle

tonisaura_barbershop pompadour fade f boy haitcuts
Source: Instagram/Toni Saura

Want More Funky and Highlight Shaded Hairstyle for men Check out the Instagram of Toni Saura, the best barber – they style lots of hairstyles like a high bald side part, all types of fade, spiky and quiff hairstyle.

24 Messy Spiky Haircut + Fuckboi Style Shaded

tombaxter_hair spiky modern teen boy haircut fuck boi haircut
Source: Instagram/Tom Baxter Hair

One More Fuckboi Hairstyle of Tom Baxter Hair, Tom’s Team is Expert and very famous, they styles hairstyle like fashion models, How to Style? Medium Length Hair Strength Wavy Hair with Golden Highlighted.

25 Pineapple Haircut + Boi Haircuts

rumbarber pineapple haircut red hair men bald back design
Source: Instagram/Rum Barber

This one is the Very Unique It looks like Pineapple Haircut but it also comes in the list of Fuckboy Haircut, some ladies like bad boys with cute men’s haircut.

Thanks to reaching till the end of this post, our team has worked a lot of it to make it a perfect list of Fuckboy Haircuts, we are very thankful to the barbers who helped us. Check Out Our More Hairstyles Blog/List like this.