What To Know About Top 1 Vietnamese Hair Factory K-hair

Do you know which one is the best Vietnamese hair factory? For your information, hair factory K-Hair has been considered the best hair factory in Vietnam for decades now. Vietnam is undoubtedly the best country supplying human hair as the hair quality is always at a stable high-quality level. Then, are you curious what the best of the best is like? In this article, we will give you the answers by telling you about K-Hair Factory.

1. An overview of hair factory K-Hair

K-Hair is the most well-known hair factory in Vietnam. It is famous for not only its rich history but also amazing development. It was first founded in the 1990s. Hair factory K-Hair developed quickly and then became the biggest hair vendor in Vietnam supplying human hair wefts, closures, frontals, keratin tip hair extensions and so on. Many years have passed, but no other supplier can replace the strong impressions of customers about K-Hair.

About human resources, K-Hair is managed by a team of professionals. The CEO is Mr. Rick Daniels, also known as Mr. Nguyen Trong Quy. He is an expert specialized in B2B e-commerce. Besides, all the managers and employees are business-university graduates. They are dedicated to bringing customers the best and building the company’s success. Another important factor is also the skilled workers who have years of experience in producing human hair extensions.

About the achievements, K-Hair has reached many impressive milestones since the beginning. Some of them must be the sales of 2 tons of hair a month, the recognition of the world with many certificates like certificate of origin, certificate of quality ISO 9001:2015, TCVN 7451:2004, and certificate of incorporation, etc.

2. Two strengths of hair factory K-Hair that make it special

What makes K-Hair really stand out among the mushrooming wholesale hair businesses worldwide are the hair quality and its wholesale prices. K-Hair guarantees to produce, control and distribute 100% qualified human hair extensions at reasonable wholesale prices.

2.1 High-quality hair extensions of K-Hair

K-Hair is known with the motto “QUALITY IS KING”. From the beginning to now, hair factory K-Hair never let customers down with the hair quality. 100% human hair raw materials are collected from Vietnamese women, meticulously classified in the factory and then processed into hair extensions. K-Hair is a real hair factory, not a commercial reseller. Therefore, the ability to control hair quality from the very factory is a strength compared to many competitors.

Everyone in the hair industry agrees that Vietnamese hair quality is the best of all. The market now is full of bad hair being supplied. The hair can be non-remy wasted Indian hair, mixed Chinese hair or animal hair, etc. Meanwhile, Vietnamese human hair is 100% natural, strong, silky and long-lasting.

The fact that K-Hair sells 100% Vietnamese human hair with clear warranty policies is what customers look for. Working with K-Hair, customers can freely check the hair through messages and video calls before delivery. They can also ask for a refund if there is any technical mistake from the factory.

2.2 Best prices from hair factory K-Hair

Another advantage of being a real hair factory is that K-Hair can control and offer the best wholesale price lists to customers. The factory gets raw hair materials from domestic sources, so no importing fee is added into the final prices. In addition, direct distribution from the factory also means no added intermediary costs. What’s more, a wholesale order always gets a better price than a retail one. Simply that the more you buy for an order, the more money you can save.

To make everything specific, below is the price list of best-sellers from hair factory K-Hair, the black color bone straight weft hair bundle price list. K-Hair has different hair price lists for different items such as bone straight bundles, curly wavy bundles, natural straight bundles, closures, frontals, raw hair bulk and I-tip hair extensions, etc. All share the same format with these important pieces of information: hair length, quality grade and price in USD for each kilogram (1kg = 1000 gam = 10 weft bundles).

As you can see, the price is pretty affordable. For example, 1 kilogram (10 bundles) of 8 inch black bone straight hair weaves with good double drawn quality costs only 179 USD. It is enough for you to custom 3-4 lace hair wigs with respective hair closure/frontal pieces.

3. Customer reviews about hair factory K-Hair

Not only K-Hair knows about its own strength but customers are the ones who also recognize it. K-Hair is proud to have received thousands of reviews from wholesale customers all over the world. Some customers know and work with K-Hair through the brand entity on the Internet. Some get the recommendation through a friend or an acquaintance who is also a customer of K-Hair. Some choose K-Hair after ordering samples and comparing different vendors, etc.

No matter what method is used, the common point is that almost all customers are satisfied and leave positive feedback. This is the premise of trust and long-term cooperation.

K-Hair may not get 100% positive feedback initially. There are still some issues to solve in terms of technical mistakes. However, K-Hair never ignores those. K-Hair faces problems and tries to satisfy customers with the best solutions. This is also what brings K-Hair good feedback about professional behaviors and dedicated customer care services.

In summary, should you buy wholesale hair extensions from hair factory K-Hair? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Nothing is better than importing high-quality human hair extensions directly from a real hair factory! Not only will you get the best quality warranty but also affordable wholesale prices. Moreover, working with a famous hair factory like K-Hair is also convenient and trustful as all the identity information is available to check right on the Internet! Contact K-Hair here:

  • Address: 10A, 171 Nguyen Ngoc Vu Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Phone/WhatsApp: +84967894448
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: k-hair.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/cherrykhair
  • Instagram: instagram.com/k.hair.vietnam