Why Are Men’s Hats No Longer Popular?

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Fashion changes constantly, sometimes for better and others for worse it all depends on the time and the eyes of the people.

Throughout times we had several things we would die for to get back as well as those that we would like that someone never thought of it, as far as fashion goes. Some things stuck with us for a while some got over quickly.

In the world of fashion there are trends and fashion pieces that are like celestial bodies, burning bright and strong but for a very short period while others aren’t that good but somehow stick with us for longer periods.

Today we’re going to talk about a particular fashion item, a men’s garment that was really popular and stayed with us for a while.

When you view ancient movies or images, there is one thing that guys always wear, and that is a hat. They were the component that always went with a suit, and while we still wear suits now, most of them recall the time when hats were trendy, so we choose to go hatless.

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Where are we now?

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Well in terms of wearing headwear for men we can see a baseball cap or two especially in the summer months. It is used as an eye protector from the sun when worn traditionally, while others use it to shield their head from the scorching heat.

In some instances, you can see it at night but only as an addition to the clothing style and without any other purpose. Other headwear that is still present is all kinds of hats and caps that are supposed to shield you from cold. As you can see, once an important part of men’s attire turns into a utilitarian piece that has a purpose and that doesn’t add to anything else but that.

The history

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Before we get to the subject at hand, let’s take a look at the history of headwear. Hats are exceedingly ancient; they have been around since before historical records began. The first and oldest hat ever discovered belonged to Otzi the Iceman, who was discovered in the Alps in 1991. The hat, like Otzi, was preserved and was fashioned of several portions of bear skin sawn together with straps on the side to tie it and maintain it on the wearer’s head.

Now that you know this then our claim that hats are very, very old is backed up. Cultures from all over the world made these and they made them from a lot of different materials and in different styles.

Throughout time the hat transformed from a piece of clothing meant to protect your head to a fashion piece, something that showed your association and your social status and class. The design, size, look and feel along with the material changed a lot.

From bulky ones to skinny and tall top hats, then flat caps and other similar styles, all of the hats showed something and were made to make a statement of sorts. The one important thing is that everyone wore them throughout history.

Although they changed a lot they were an essential part of your attire. No matter if you were walking down the street, going hunting or war, the hat that was according to your situation was a must.

What happened to the hats?

There are several reasons why the hats became unpopular and stopped being worn like they used to be.

1. Climate

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One of the main reasons that hats became obsolete is because we now have more control over our interior atmosphere than we used to. This is why, while transitioning between home and workplace or store, you should wear no more than two layers of clothes.

This is why items like as gloves and scarves are not often worn. As a result, we lose one key component of our attire: the hat.

You’re not going to put on four layers of clothing, including a hat and gloves, only to leave your heated workplace for 20 seconds in order to get into your heated automobile, and then from the car to your warm house.

2. Changes in classes

We began to pay less attention to class status after World War II, mostly because the classes were placed closer together. People began to focus on people rather than the class in which they lived. Hats were the class distinguishing feature, thus it is natural that their popularity began to diminish after that period.

3. Changes in transportation

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Believe it or not, the transportation system has a big role in why we don’t wear hats anymore. In the old days’ cars, buses, trains and other means of transportation had headroom to accommodate you and your hat on your head easily.

Modern-day vehicles are built differently with other things in mind meaning that we don’t have room for hats. Who would want to take off and put on their hat 50 times a day? It is easier to drop it in total.

4. Internet

In a time where everyone can get to any info needed in seconds, when you can say and write whatever you want and translate that to the masses, people decide to use this power for bad rather than good.

Thanks to the internet, certain sites and memes, some hats got a very bad reputation and were constantly the subject of laughter and ridicule. There are memes about fedoras that love the popularity of this type of hat, not to mention all others.

So, if you thought that people can joke about hats and not make them less popular just because you like them think again. This is the prime example of how toxic the internet can be and how it can change the consensus and affinity to certain things.

Well, that is it. I think we managed to teach you a bit about hats and I think we managed to explain why they are not so popular. There are people who still that enjoy these days and we do not believe that they will stop. It is all up to your taste and personal preference, but although we are in the year 2023 the hats are still cool. You just have to find your thing.