Mastering Hotel Property Management: Pro Tips For Success

Mastering Hotel Property Management - Pro Tips For success

Hotel management is one of the emerging skills from the past ten years. It needs both soft skills and hard skills. It also requires a command of art and science. You will need years of experience, the perfect tools, and comprehensive organization systems to excel in these areas.

There are many hoteliering enthusiasts in the world. They dare to start their business but will struggle to manage it effectively. If you are a beginner, you can get help from experts who provide hotel property management services. They will guide you from the initial stages.

If you are a hotel manager, you must be balancing, and good at customer service, operations, and employee management. Here, you will require some guidance and suggestions from professionals. So you can contact them and improve your learnings and experience.

A Few Effective Tips For Successful Hotel Management

There are certain things that you must know to manage your hotel better. They will change your approach to management and will increase your business to advanced levels.

Team Mentality

Group of hotel staffs standing together in hotel

You cannot determine the guest experience by one person. You must go through various people. It starts the moment a guest visits your hotel’s website to make a reservation. It continues with the valet and bellhop the moment they arrive at the hotel. Then, the front desk takes it from there, and housekeeping finishes the job.

Of course, during their stay, they may also interact with food and drink staff. They exercise instructors and other hotel employees.

Your success as a restaurant manager will depend on your ability to bring your entire staff together as one unit. You can see it as a true team. And that team has one goal in mind. It is to provide excellent service to your guests while increasing bottom-line revenue.

You can’t be over every team member’s shoulder throughout the day. But you can impart important values in your hotel that promote a thriving team including:

  • Resolution of a conflict politely
  • Communicating clearly
  • Sticking to important policies
  • Helping fellow employees
  • Going above and beyond for guests

When your hotel staff cooperates, the work becomes easy. It is also important to solve problems effectively. It will make your manager’s role easier.

Follow Up With Event Leads

Follow Up With Event leads

It is one of the most essential hotel management tips that you must keep in mind. You must treat every hotel guest with equal amounts of respect and gratitude. You have to be thankful for patronizing your business. But, if there is one customer segment, hotel managers should focus more time and effort on its event leads.

Today’s restaurant revenue depends even more on converting leads into paying guests. This is especially true with declining business due to covid-19 pandemic. Encourage event organizers to gather in your restaurant. It represents an excellent opportunity for revenue growth.

You can fix a certain cost for one guest per night. But someone creating a conference or other event could bring 50, 100, or even 1000 more guests to your hotel. And there is a big difference between $150 and $150,000 for your bottom line.

To follow up with event leads, you can use different methods such as:

  • SMS campaigns
  • Personal phone calls
  • Remarketing ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Billboard marketing etc.

Regardless of the approach you take, make sure to follow up. You must do it within less than a week of the lead first contacting you. That way, you have a much better chance of earning their business than another hotel does.

Make The Best Use Of Social Media

Make The Best Use Of Social Media

You are living in the age of social media. Traditional advertising like billboards, physical mail, radio, television, and telemarketing still has its place. But nothing provides the ability to reach your market at scale as and as social media.

One excellent way to leverage social media is to repost photos. They will be the guest’s post while staying at your hotel. Encourage guests to take these photos by providing a catchy hashtag or filter for them to use.

User-generated content will help your account to reach the maximum public. It will also add to the authenticity of the brand. You might even consider running a sweepstake with giveaways.

It includes free stays in the future for anyone who participates in photo opportunities. Be sure to ask permission before reposting any user-generated content first.

Communication Is The Key

Communication is crucial for effective hotel management. A lack of communication leads to mistakes, which leads to crisis. Mastering the art of communication will keep your team on the same page. It will ensure important elements of the guest experience don’t slip through the cracks.

As the person in charge of hospitality, lead by example. Communicate early and often to address potential issues and maintain team alertness. Take responsibility for clearly explaining hotel procedures and communication protocols.

Stay On Top Of Trends

Stay On Top Of Trends

Restaurant trends are changing par for the course in the hospitality world. The things you felt sophisticated or trendy yesterday might be the ones you feel tacky in a few years. Hotel managers should bring in interior designers every few years.

They will update the look and feel of the hotel based on data-driven guest preferences. And your hotel should reflect the current state of your market.

Providing QR codes, extra cleaning, and social distancing protocols will prove that you take guest safety seriously. It is essential in this post-pandemic landscape. Have a COVID-19 survival kit in place to better serve your guests. It ensures that they are safe at your property.


A hotel’s success depends on great management. You have crucial tasks of employee productivity, hotel operations, and customer happiness. Of course, as you may have found out, it is anything but easy. Current and aspiring managers who want to achieve great results for their hotel need proven strategies.

And that is the reason you must update often and create a great customer experience at your place. Put in place the above-mentioned hotel management tips and witness greater productivity and increased hotel revenue.