Things to know About Laser Hair Removal Treatments


If you’re tired of waxing, tweezing, shaving, or hair removal creams for removing your unwanted hair. Then laser hair removal will be a better option for you. Laser hair removal has become popular these days. Many people, to get rid of their unwanted hairs permanently, go for this treatment as it is an easy and quick way. It roots out those undesired hairs from the body with no or less pain in just a few minutes.

What is laser hair removal treatment?


Laser hair removal treatment is a very simple process but only professional certified technicians can perform this, indicates Tony Shamas. The licensed technician beams a laser light on the area of unwanted hair. The pulse released by laser light destroys the hair follicle and hair at its root to prevent it from growing further. Hair grows at different phases, and the laser treatment works the best if it’s done in the growth phase of the hair. And, this is the reason why this treatment requires various sessions. Mostly in the gap of four weeks.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal treatment


Laser hair treatment is probably the best method of hair removal. Want to know why? Here are some proven benefits of Laser Hair Removal treatment. Take a look:

  • It’s a quick solution

Laser hair removal treatment is the quick solution everyone out there is looking for. Although you have to attend multiple sessions, most of these sessions only take a few minutes.

Initial sessions might take up a bit longer, but after multiple sessions, as the hair growth decreases, less time will be taken—the lesser the growth, the lesser the time.

  • Less painful or not at all painful

Laser hair removal treatment is comparatively less painful than other hair removal techniques. People compare the pain caused by this treatment to snapping a rubber band on the skin.

Depending upon the amount of pain one can take, it varies. For some people, it’s no pain, and for some people, it’s less pain. But it’s a less painful treatment than other options like waxing or tweezing.

  • Precision

Laser technology is indeed a very precise technology. It is idle to target and remove hair from a particular area. So for the people looking for hair removal of small areas like eyebrows, upper line, nose, etc., laser hair removal is the best option.

  • Prevents ingrown hairs

All the other options available in the market have a huge drawback that most of them leave you with ingrown hairs. As the laser removes hair from its root, there’s no chance that the hair will grow back and curl inside the skin. So, this treatment can be a good option for you.

  • Applicable for any part of the body

Apart from eyelashes, this treatment can remove hair from every part of the body. It is idle for body parts like the back and bikini line; these areas are hard to reach and extremely painful to wax.

  • Prevents regrowth

Other options like waxing or razors always leave you with a quick regrowth of hairs. You’ll start seeing those small, tiny hairs start growing again after a few weeks of waxing or razors session. But this is not the case with laser; it will prevent you from hair regrowth.

  • Long term solution

The biggest reason why laser hair removal treatment is best. Many people misunderstand it as a permanent solution, but this can be a permanent solution for people with very little growth. But in most cases, you may need some touch-ups from time to time.

Even if it’s not permanent, it’s the best long-term solution.

Prepare before Laser Treatment


One needs to understand that laser hair removal treatment is not just removing your hair; it’s a medical procedure that carries potential risks. If you’re planning to get laser hair removal treatment, make sure you consult a doctor and your technician before the treatment.

Also, limit waxing or tweezing your hair at least before six weeks of the treatment because lasers target the root of your hair to remove it temporarily through these processes. Also, avoid sun exposure before and after six weeks of the treatment since sun exposure makes the treatment less effective.

During the Laser Treatment


As the procedure starts, the undesired hairs will be trimmed off to a few millimeters above the skin’s surface, and numbing medicine will be applied to the skin 20-30 minutes before using the laser on the skin to help with the sting laser pulses. All the laser equipment will be arranged according to your skin color, hair thickness, location of the hair to treat you. Depending upon the intensity of the laser, you and your technician will wear eye protection. Also, some cooling gels or cooling devices will be protecting the outer layer of your skin. Your technician will beam the light into your skin and carefully checks the reaction if any.

Once the procedure is done, some anti-inflammatory lotions, cold water, or ice packs will be given to you to ease your comfort.

Recovery and Risks


For a few days, your skin will look like it’s sunburned, but cold compressions and moisturizers will help your skin recover. Over the months, your treatment will fall off. Make sure to use sunscreen for the following months to prevent any other changes in the skin.

People with dark complexions can experience blisters, redness, swelling, or scarring, which are temporary treatment reactions. The change in color of the skin or permanent scarring is a rare case.


Laser therapy can be the best option for the removal of unwanted hair from the body. But you need to understand the pros and cons of this treatment. As this is more than hair removal treatment, make sure you consult your doctor before the treatment. Know your skin types and understand the possible reactions that can cause after the treatment. Every skin is unique and needs to be treated differently.

Laser hair removal offers various benefits, which is why it has become very popular over time. And a lot of people are getting rid of their hair through lasers. All the necessary information through this article will help you plan your Laser Hair Removal treatment.